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Gay Porn Stars

And the people who love them

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LJ's Gay Porn Star Community

This community is dedicated to the sharing of pictures and information about gay male porn stars. This is not necessarily a community for gay porn. Specifically, pictures or discussion of actor specific gay porn.

  • All pictures are to be of gay male porn stars (obviously). As long as you find him attractive its fine.

  • You do not have to post a picture to join this community but you must be 18+ years of age to join.

  • Please try to remember to make all your entries "friends only."

  • All pictures are allowed (R rated, X rated, and everything in between). X-rated photos are to be put behind an lj-cut, always.

  • Pictures must be of guys 18 years of age and older.

  • If possible, alert others to videos that said actor has been in. At least have some info available if someone asks

  • Advertising of communities are allowed just do not overdo it.

  • Absolutely no female pics allowed. If you want to share pictures of a straight porn star, make sure they are solo shots

To join, join as you normally would. If you are under 18 years old and you join and it is discovered that you are a minor, you will be banned with no warning and reported to LiveJournal.

Girls are welcome, just make sure your posts stick to gay porn stars.

owner: chrissstopher